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Bob Lawson

Interim Pastor

Pastor Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson is the current Interim Pastor at Hillside, here for one year to help prepare the congregation for the next pastor that is called to serve. Pastor Bob and his lovely wife, Karen come to us from sunny Florida, pulled out of retirement and with equal amounts of sunshine in their disposition. The joy of the Lord is evident to all. Bob comes with pastoral experience serving in both NY and ND. With a passion for helping people to discover how their story fits with God's story, he reminds us that we are connected through the presence of the Holy Spirit who walks this journey alongside of us. Pastor Bob's favorite verses from the scriptures are Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 12:2. He would love for you to look those verses up and put them to memory! We are blessed to have Pastor Bob serving alongside of US during his stay here. You may contact Pastor Bob via email at

Vinnie Sottile

Director of Music

Vinnie is the Music Director here at Hillside. He is responsible for planning and leading our Sunday worship experiences.  Vinnie enjoys playing the piano and has multiple credits as a music major for three years at the College of Staten Island.  He holds a BS with a major in Nursing.  Yes, he is a nurse, so he has some compassion.  He is married to his lovely bride, Katie, both are proud parents to their son Liam, and they enjoy both outdoor and indoor adventures together. Vinnie would be delighted to learn of your musical talent and desire to invest in helping with the worship time at Hillside! You may contact Vinnie via email at

Ruth Basile

Ministry Coordinator

Ruth is our Ministry Coordinator; overseeing all of the various ministries we have here at Hillside. She creates the graphic media, takes care of facilitating communication and connection with ministries to the congregation, as well as maintaining our website and newsletter. Ruth holds a BS in Elementary Education and has worked in a variety of professional settings. Ruth has five children, three of which are semi-adulting, and two still at home to keep her "young". She enjoys painting, cooking, gardening and spending time with her amazing husband, Frank and children. You may contact Ruth via email at


Children's Ministry Coordinator

Sabrina is the Coordinator of children's ministries here at Hillside. She manages a group of volunteers for weekly Sunday School classes (ages Pre-K thru 5th), our Wednesday evening Hillside Kids program (grades K-5th), and summertime Vacation Bible School. Sabrin is newly married to her wonderful husband Zak, raising an adorable puppy, Mingo. They both have been known to galavant in VT during the winter, enjoying the snow, and down the shore in the in the summer, to enjoy the sunshine and waves. Sabrina holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Minor in American Sign Language and has obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work. Her zest for life is contagious! You may contact Sabrina via email at

Tami Sunwall

Youth Director

Tami has the wonderful privilege of working with our younger adults - the Jr and Sr High students. She comes to us from Faith LB Church in NY, with 20 years of youth leader experience. Phew... that makes me tired just thinking of 20 years with teenagers! Tami is up for the challenge though, and is making her mark with our students. Besides working as a youth leader, she spent 2 years working at a Boys & Girls Club in MN, has directed VBS programs, run a midweek children's ministry, and has served on various church boards. We can't leave out that she has also been a part time church secretary and a preschool teacher for 13 years! Tami received her Associate's degree in Biblical Studies and is guided by the Lord who has given her a passion for the church and serving however God leads. She delights in seeing multiple generations within the body connecting and doing life together. Tami also loves to hike, quilt and spend time with the people God has placed in her life. You may contact Tami via email at

Michelle Iannicelli

Church Secretary

Michelle is the glue that holds the office together! Her hands are on the pulse of the day to day activities that go on here at Hillside and handles all of it with ease and grace. If you call the office, you will most likely be speaking to Michelle! Michelle and her husband, Jim and son, Matt have been attending Hillside for over 17 years and have been actively involved with numerous ministries here. Michelle brings a wide range of professional experience to her job as well as bringing her happy disposition to all that work alongside of her. You may contact Michelle via email at